Are you looking to get your pearly whites even whiter? Many of society’s thoughts on teeth whitening have changed over the years, and many people are now considering it as a must-have instead of something of a luxury. This is what you should know about getting them whitened at the dentist’s office.

Not Everyone’s Teeth are Equal

If you have decided to get your teeth whitened in Grande Prairie, then you probably have a reason for doing so. Everyone is different and many people do not have naturally brilliantly white teeth, and they will become discoloured as you grow older and as you consume foods and drinks. Plus, genetics also plays a role into how white your teeth can actually get.

You Should do Some Research Beforehand

There are a lot of ways that you can whiten your teeth, but the methods are not always going to give equal results. Professional bleaching at your dental office is one of the most common methods to get a whiter smile, but it might not be best for everyone. There are a lot of home whitening kits out there that can help you that you can get from your supermarket or drugstore on the shelves. You might even look into laser whitening. Always speak with your dentist before you commit to any one solution, as going with the wrong treatment can leave you with permanent damage. 

Only Get Teeth Whitening is From a Professional Dentist

It’s illegal for individuals other than your regulated dentist in Grande Prairie to perform professional tooth whitening. You might see a sign up in your salon about offering whitening treatment, but this can lead to a lot of trouble and you will also be putting yourself into harm’s way. A professional will be able to discuss the treatment options that are appropriate for your situation and give you a detailed development plan to give you your desired results. 

Getting Your Teeth Whitened will Cost You, but it’s Worth it

You probably know this already getting your teeth whitened professionally is not cheap. Prices can range from $200 to over $1,000, and laser whitening treatments are usually more expensive than bleaching. 

It May Take Time

If you want brighter-looking teeth, it’s not going to happen overnight. Usually, treatments will take anywhere between three to four weeks, depending on the treatment option and the condition of your teeth. But then, it’s known that great things come to those who wait. 

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Sometimes Results are not Perfect

Teeth whitening in Grande Prairie will only be able to whiten your existing colour. You always need to get advice from your dentist to make sure that you aren’t having unrealistic expectations. If you get into this category, you might want to look into other dental treatments like veneers or crowns, but be sure that you talk about all of the options available to you with your dentist.