Tooth loss often occurs as a result of bad oral hygiene, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Losing your natural teeth can negatively impact your smile, but this is something you can avoid with preventive dentistry. Taking good care of your teeth will help you maintain your oral health, and practising proper, routuine hygiene is a must. 

The following tips will help prevent tooth loss:

1. Brush and Floss Every Morning and Evening

Proper oral hygiene is mandatory, and you must brush and floss regularly. This is the first step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and it is recommended that you brush and floss twice a day. Doing this regularly will remove food particles that are stuck in your teeth, and your mouth will remain clean. 

Brushing after every meal would be nice, but this is not practical, nor is it realistic, which is why dentists also recommend rinsing out your mouth with water after your meals. 

2. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Find a dentist near you in Grande Prairie because visiting them twice a year is highly recommended. During these visits, a dentist will assess your teeth and gums, and you will receive a professional cleaning. This will help prevent cavities and tooth decay, and a dentist will be able to detect problems that may be concerning. Early detection may avoid prolonged pain or more complicated treatments later down the line. 

A dentist will also check for signs of gum disease or other health problems and will treat issues while they are still minor. This will prevent the need for expensive and painful dental treatments in the future. 

3. Stay Away from Tobacco Products

The chemicals and the nicotine in tobacco products will stain your teeth. Additionally, they can also lead to gum disease and cause tooth loss. Avoiding tobacco products can decrease your chances of gum disease and other health problems like oral cancer. 

While it is not always easy, it is possible to kick this nasty habit, and you can speak to your dentist about prescription or over-the-counter products to help with this problem. 

4. Change Your Diet

The wrong foods can lead to tooth loss, but a change in your diet can prevent damage to your teeth. Sugary drinks and starchy foods are very bad for your teeth and may lead to cavities and tooth decay. Avoiding candy, soda and foods with lots of carbohydrates will prevent tooth loss. 

If you are struggling to give up a certain food or drink, reduce the amount you consume and always brush your teeth after eating or drinking to minimize damage. 

5. Use Mouthwash with Fluoride

This is another step that should be part of your daily preventive dentistry routine. Make sure you use a mouthwash that contains fluoride, as this will help prevent cavities and tooth loss. Fluoride will also help strengthen your enamel. 


Are you in need of more preventive dentistry tips? Cygnet Dental can help! Our dentist will make sure you are taking good care of your teeth to prevent you from losing them in the future. We can always provide you with professional recommendations, and if you are experiencing an emergency, dental care service is available.

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