Most people associate Botox with a more youthful appearance, and this is why most people seek this treatment in the first place. It is a very popular cosmetic procedure, and more and more people are receiving Botox injections to eliminate their fine lines and wrinkles. What most people don’t realize is that dentists use this treatment as well, and Botox in dentistry is becoming more popular every day.

What is Botox in Dentistry?

Botox blocks nerve signals that control muscle movement and this prevents them from being able to contract. It also temporarily softens the skin around the area that was injected and results can be seen in as little as a few days and generally last for up to three months. While Botox can certainly help eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is being used for more than just cosmetic purposes because of its ability to block nerves. A lot of dentists are starting to offer this treatment option to their patients because it can be used for a number of purposes in the world of dentistry. It can be used as a treatment for teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorder and can also reduce the appearance of a smile that shows an overwhelming amount of the person’s gums without the need for surgical intervention. Additionally, it can also help adjust your lips before or after a denture placement or oral surgery.

While some dentists do use Botox for cosmetic reasons, this is rare and they generally use this treatment to help with issues that are dentistry-related. Helping you maintain your oral health is their primary concern and they will provide you with the right care to help you achieve this goal. If Botox will help in this regard, your dentist may suggest it because they have extensive training on oral and facial anatomy as well as its health and function, so they are highly qualified to administer this particular treatment. Some would even argue that they are the best candidates for the job because they can offer a better experience as they already administer oral and facial injections on a daily basis. Their experience and skill will allow the injections to be quick and painless and patients will benefit from the results.

It may seem strange to think of the use of Botox in dentistry but it can help medically and cosmetically, and a large percentage of dentists are trained to administer this treatment. If your dentist finds that Botox will improve your oral health, they will recommend it and it would definitely be something for you to consider.

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