Dental hygiene is not something that should be overlooked. Choosing the right dentist is an essential component of ensuring your personal oral hygiene. Additionally, choosing the right dentist will help ease any pre-dentist appointment jitters. How can you be sure that a specific dentist is right for you?

Things to Look for When Choosing A Dentist

These are the things to look for while choosing a dentist.


A dentist should be able to individualize their services to match your specific needs as a patient. A great dentist will get to know you, and understand your specific dental concerns. As a result, they will be able to appropriately address these and work towards helping you maintain a healthy mouth outside of the dental office.

Compatible with Your Insurance

Does the dental clinic make patients send their own bills to insurance or is that taken care of? Clinics like Cygnet Dental in Grande Prairie bill directly to all major insurance providers.


A great dentist will be patient-centred and work with you to come up with the best action plan for your oral health. A good dentist will provide you with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy smile in between appointments. Part of being patient-centred is about respecting patients’ wishes and supporting them through specific medical anxieties as well. You should look for a dentist that makes you feel comfortable in their office.


You should be able to rely on your dentist to deliver consistent results at each appointment. Reliable dentists will keep track of past visits and future plans. They will check in regularly with their patients and keep detailed notes of significant events.

Up to Date Practices

Does your dentist stay up to date on current practices and new innovations in the dental industry? It is always great to see a dentist who cares about new developments in their industry. It can be taken as a sign that they are always looking to improve their services!

All of this is great to know, but how can you be sure you’re getting this from a dentist you haven’t been to yet?

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Look at Reviews

The best way to verify all the above credentials is by checking the dental clinic’s reviews or asking about referrals. Take note of any common themes, both positive and negative, in the series of reviews. From reviews, you can tell a lot about not only the services offered but about how the dental practice is run. If patients consistently validate that the practice is trustworthy and the dentist is kind and knowledgeable, you can likely take that as a green flag.

The final step is to book your first appointment!

Looking to book with a dentist who checks all the boxes? Call Cygnet Dental today and book your first appointment with us, we can’t wait!

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